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Fitness is generally associated with good health and people have become extremely health conscious in an age where stress is affecting everyone irrespective of age and gender. Lifestyle changes and eating habits have thoroughly changed the concept of health and fitness. Sedentary jobs, fast foods and food with high fat content, irregular eating habits, obsessive over eating are some of the maladies which are commonly prevalent among most of the urban population. The good effects of exercising and its direct relationship with longevity has attracted lot of people to exercise regularly, and doing it outdoors in a natural surroundings has shown to have a very positive impact on the frame of mind of the individual. People love nature and it provides the much needed healing touch for several of their physical and mental ailments. Several researches have confirmed nature assisted therapy have significantly improved the health conditions of even patients who are suffering from severe heart related problems.Excercising outdoors therefore has found many takers and subjects who are suffering from a variety of diseases like obesity, cancer, dementia etc have reported a significant improvement in their conditions and were able to focus more clearly if they were exposed to natural surroundings more frequently.