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There are claims and counter claims on who first invented the name karaoke. Generally it is felt that the credit should be given to the Japanese musician named Daisuke Inoue who invented Karaoke in the year 1971. An audio company named Clarion might have been the first to commercially produce it, but since their invention was not patented was unable to take any credit. But karaoke definitely owes its present existence and success to the country of Japan from where it originated. It was the common practice in Japan to provide musical entertainment to the guests at any dinner parties where prominent musicians participated. The musicians were frequently requested by the guests to provide recordings of their performances so that the guests could sing along to the accompaniment of music instruments. The musician Daisuke Inoue immediately realized the commercial potential of karaoke and created a tape recorder like gadget which had recordings of several of his hit songs. The gadget was leased out to stores and restaurants. Though karaoke can never be equated to a live performance the fad caught the imagination of the public and became extremely popular. Several restaurants had separate compartmentalized rooms named karaoke boxes where amateur singers started performing and it became a very big hit with the public. Karaoke soon spread to the rest of Asia and other countries