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Cultivating the art of reading books at a very early age and inculcating this habit in every child should be the top most priority of every parent. Reading books at an early age has a strong impact on the development of the brain as it simulates thinking and creative process in children. Reading books broadens the mind and outlook besides providing excellent entertainment. One of the most important and noteworthy benefits of reading books is the ability to communicate effectively, clearly and positively. It promotes mental health, competence and helps in building resilience in children. Fear and anxiety are born out of ignorance and it can be greatly overcome by developing the art of reading books. Reading books could be one of the most desirable and pleasurable activity which could be cherished forever. People are living under stressful conditions and they need an outlet to bring out their inbuilt frustrations and developing the art of reading books is a sure method to reduce their stress in a natural manner. Books impart knowledge and wisdom and are a great source in offering solace to loneliness. Conventional books are generally published as hard bound and paper backs. The younger generation has taken up reading books in the e format and most of the popular books can now be downloaded through the net.