Nursery Furniture

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An infant spends most of the time in a nursery and it is extremely important to make it safe by choosing apt and comfortable furniture as parents also will be spending most of their time there. The room has to well ventilated, attractive and organized without any clutter. Children up to age of 3 years are comfortable in a crib and hence it has to be sturdy and durable. Laws have been enacted in several countries and safety standards have to be adhered to in the manufacture of cribs without any compromise. The moveable side of the crib may become detached and may pose a hazard. All the four sides of the crib should be adequately padded and people should consider cribs with built in drawers to keep beddings of babies and other essential things. Crib mattresses are one of the essential nursery furniture which enables the baby to sleep safely and soundly. Choosing the right mattress without any compromise on quality and comfort is essential in making the infant comfortable. Mattress generally comes in several types like foam, all natural substances like cotton and coil. Cradles, Bassinets, Changing tables are some of the other important and essential items that will be found in nursery.